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Wayne and Julian

It’s Been Awhile

There are literally 877 posts from the year 1998 to 2013 on this website.  You cannot see them, as I’ve changed the …


Prostate Cancer – Oh Crud

Ok, so I have a close family member with prostate cancer.  His attitude is great, on the OUTSIDE.  However, I know he’s …

November 2012 Fun

Cousins are pretty awesome.  Especially when you actually get to spend time with them.  So, I was told I earned my “Redneck …

Tree Filmstrip

Warning – Mom on Deployment

My blog truly was meant to be here to give me peace and hope and a bit of therapy. It will continue to do that through this deployment time. So please remember, those of you that have been by my side as I write my thoughts, hopes and dreams – this is a mother of three children who are now adults, and I get to write what I feel.

Jessica and Aidan 08-22-10

Tuesday Fun

So, I just posted a post saying good morning Monday… um, it’s Tuesday. OH that should tell you how things are going…. ha!

So here’s another post with my daughter and my grandson from his first 49er game!


Grandson Pics

I love this kid sooo much! Aidan went to his first 49er game today! He was all decked out and ready to …

Grabbed Frame 2

Baby Marine

He’s a US Marine Now – but still my baby Yes, another archive video.  This one of my boy who’s now a …

Progression of a Child

My son is graduating the USMC Basic Training on March 5th. I’m very proud of him, but ofcourse am feeling a bit …