Monica Who?

… And Who Is Monica? …

~ Smilin’ Babee! ~

I’m just a spirit that came here to learn.  That’s all.  However, this learning thing sure has it’s ups, downs, sideways, topsy-turvey moments!  Thus, I’m writing here!

I am one of the few lucky spirits who found my soulmate in this life.  I have three awesome kids (a beautiful daughter and two young men), two spectacularly CUTE grandbabies, two amazing boys I’ve been blessed to have join our family (my soulmates sons!), one fuzzy child (German Shepherd), a Jeep (yeah babee!) – and a home in the mountains.  Livin’ in heaven with perfection.

My birthday is 2/17 and I’m VERY Aquarius.  If you don’t know what that means, I’m always seeing the better side of things, always hopeful, and always wondering what more there is to life that I can contribute to.

Love and Light to all who come through my little space in the internet space!