It’s Official! We’re Going to be On The Road Full-Time

It’s been about a year and a half of wondering what we were going to do.  Would we buy the home we’re renting?  Or, will we be doing the Full-Time RVing like we had dreamed about?

Well, it’s official!

The owner’s of this house will be putting it on the market in 2019.

That’s a bit sad, as we were looking to purchase this little abode of love.  However, the house needs help and the initial deal we were discussing with the owners has fallen through.  That’s ok!  It’s best for the both of us!

So, our little 27′ trailer will be out home come (estimated) February 2019.

Our plan is to be in a local RV resort during my hubby’s work season, and then after that?  We’ll be USA Tourists!

We both love this great country of ours, and we have so many places on our “to-see” list!

Oh my gosh!  I’m so excited right now!

Our little family will still be able to be close to us, and we’ll get to bring the grandbabies places I would have LOVED to see in my youth!

Oh my GOSH!  I’m coming un-glued excited!

Full-Time RVing is officially in our future!