It’s Been Awhile

There are literally 877 posts from the year 1998 to 2013 on this website.  You cannot see them, as I’ve changed the majority to “Private”.

You ~ “Why would you do that?”

Because sometimes, I made “gut” decisions and just run with it.  So – we are going to just run with a minimal site for a bit.  Yeah, I know that didn’t answer your question at all.  Oh well.  I will make posts public as I go through them.  There are sometimes I just feel like being Private.  Well, at least I want my past years to be Private for now.


I haven’t written since October of last year actually.  As usual, my normal life ADD kicked in and, well – no blogging.  I update my Facebook I suppose, but that’s not truly what I enjoy.  I enjoy writing, not short blurbs about what kind of day I’ve had.  Blogging for me is kind of a therapy.   I get to write down my thoughts and then move on.

Wayne moved in quite awhile ago.  I feel strange.  Like we were never really apart for 30 years.  But of course, feeling that way doesn’t wipe out the fact that we were.  Both of us had others in our lives, for whatever purpose that served.  Both of us each has 3 amazing children – non of which were with each other.  6 Kids between us and who knows how many grandchildren and great grandchildren we will have.  That’s a life worth looking forward to.

We are very lucky to have found each other again.  I’m very thankful.  The two of us were at the points in our lives where we were available,  and either ending a relationship – or simply not in one – so it seemed to be that it was meant to be.  Good timing.  Pretty lucky.  In March, we will be celebrating our one year anniversary of entering into a relationship that was to be with each other, and no other.  I’m sure time will fly from here.  I just hope to slow time down and enjoy every moment I have with him.

We have had a recent loss in that last Thursday, January 9th – Wayne’s daddy passed away in an auto accident.  Such a tragedy, such a sadness for his family.  I’m glad I got to meet him before he left this earth.  I’m not sure what else to say about something so sad.  So perhaps I’ll post a photo of his dad and him when he was little.

Father and Son

Father and Son (Fidel and Wayne)

I wanted to write more, but fell out of the mood.

Goodnight ~ Sweet Dreams