Going RVing – But Workspace Issue?

Ofcourse there is going to be a workspace issue.  Unless you find an RV with an area specifically built in (good luck!  they are out there… perhaps), looks like it’s up to you (no, me).

I found a GREAT idea here:  RV Boondocking – RV Desk Area where they built their own space were the dinette was.  This was really the only area I could figure out being able to either customize something, like they did, or use it and hop like heck I could make it somehow work.  Although sitting in the ones I have already, I can tell you it was going to be a “sore” spot for sure.

So, thanks to RV Boondocking for posting their DIY work area, I have a bit of an idea of what I can do.

I did also read to make the back bedroom into the office and then as long as you’re agile, climb up on the overhead to sleep.  Class C ofcourse.  Hmmm…. why not?

So there are options.  I’m still looking!  My countdown is counting.


Another idea is the toy hauler class c’s.  Not many out there, and I think I know why.  Looks to me like they have issues with the chassis.  But I could be wrong.  Just a gut feeling looking at them.  Anyway, I could get a toy hauler motorhome and change the garage area into the office right?  Right.  Although because I have to buy used, if it’s been used heavilly I can just imagine the heavy gas/oil smells.  Not sure about all of that though because I haven’t seen one in person.  Again, hard to find.