Why Do I Blog?

What we type in this small box is visible to anyone.  So why do I blog at all?  I have Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Indulgy and ofcourse this blog (my longest running) and another.  Why?  Facebook is so I can keep up with my kids and my friends who only go on FB.  Tumblr I really like because of the photos.  Pinterest I liked because of the photos, but it’s not as fun as Tumblr.  Indulgy has nice photos too.  My other blog was supposed to be for just my RV thoughts and experiences.  Um, why have it over there?

Many “why’s”.

I think that’s so like me.  Spread out all over the place.  I’m finally starting to feel balanced in my life – mainly because I’m getting rid of so much and planning a much simpler life.

I blog because I can write what I feel when I’m perhaps not as great as verbalizing it.  On FB I don’t want to verbalize how I feel because I want to make folks feel good.  Here, I don’t really want to verbalize it either.  So why the blog then?

Oh to hell with it.  I’m just going to write.