Visit With Gamma – Day One

What is this black majick?

I was up at 5:30 a.m. ready for my first of two days with my grandbabies.  I am excited!  I haven’t had the two of them together all by myself!  It’s been a whole long time since I’ve had two little ones to take care of.

So up at 5:30 I was as my daughter was leaving to get her things moved to her new apartment.

I swept the dog hair (I just did that two days ago!), I laid out their warm little clothes, I made sure I had it all!  And here we are at 8:03 a.m. and the little angels are still snoozin’.  What?  They always wake mommy early.  Today they are sleeping in?  But Gramma is ready!  Wakey Wakey!

Diaper Stash

Diaper and formula area ready and inspected! Check!

Coffee Pot Read

Gamma’s Go Go Juice Ready!

Toaster Ready!

Toaster and Bananas Ready for Business!

Cozy Blankets Ready

Cozy Cuddle Blankets Ready!

No Baby Yet

Where’s the babies? Gamma is ready!

I still had time to write this post!  Too funny.

It’s gonna be a full day.

Aidan is my eldest grandbaby at 2 years and 5 months old; Sophie is my little one at 10 months old!  This should be fun!  I have them through tomorrow night so my daughter, Jessica, can move into her new apartment.  Her wonderful hubby, Joe, is still overseas and should be home for a visit soon.  He’ll be able to come home to a home – Jess is so excited.

Meanwhile, at Gamma’s house.  I’ll just have to take a ton of pics and have fun.

~Gamma Zy~